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Drug Testing

Marshall Health Network Clinical Solutions provides confirmation and quantitation on urine specimens for more than 70 different substances and ethanol biomarkers for alcohol. Results are processed in less than three business days using a liquid chromatograph tandem mass spectrometer (LC-MS/MS), the gold standard in toxicology.

Our workplace drug testing offers employers peace of mind that drugs of abuse are not in use in their workplace. Continuous monitoring offers up-to-date results that employers can use to record their compliance with state and federal laws. Our convenient online portal may be used to order testing and access results. Results may also be faxed upon request.

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Compliance Monitoring

Marshall Health Network Clinical Solutions helps physicians ensure their patients are taking prescribed medication as instructed. For example, those receiving medication assisted treatment for substance use disorder may participate in compliance monitoring to make sure methadone or bupreprenorphine is taken as prescribed and other non-prescribed or illicit drugs are found in the patient’s system.

Provider Consultation

To request a consultation with the lab director, contact Marshall Health Network Clinical Solutions at 304-781-4445.